Starting a blog

It feels somewhat unusual to be starting a blog two decades into my career but if there is anything I’ve learnt on this journey it’s that the learning never ends. I may have well and truly missed peak-blog but it seems that now is as good a time as any to share what I know.

Creating this blog required no more than 5-minutes of effort. It may not be the most breaktaking product you’ve seen but it’s pragmatic.

Hugo is a static site generator. Installing it on macOS is simple with Homebrew:

brew install hugo

Once installed, it’s easy to create a new site:

hugo new site my-new-site-name

Make sure you cd into your new directory:

cd site my-new-site-name

And then, if you’re like me and would rather not spend weeks designing and building a site theme, you can add one of the existing themes offered by Hugo (I chose Codex):

git submodule add themes/hugo-theme-codex

The themes include some configuration items that you need to copy to your config.toml file. This is super easy, just follow the directions on the theme’s page. Importantly, there will be a line that enables the theme like:

theme = "hugo-theme-codex"

You now have a themed website with just 4 commands. At this point, I spent a moment wondering where the trick was—development is rarely this simple.

Run the server to see your site and, by default, you can see it at http://localhost:1313/:

hugo server -D

To add a page to your blog, run:

hugo new blog/

This is add a page to content/blog which uses markdown. For example, this post looks something like this:

title: "Starting a Blog"
date: 2020-07-18T19:01:05+10:00
slug: ""
description: ""
keywords: []
draft: true
tags: [development]
math: false
toc: false
It feels somewhat unusual to be starting a blog two decades into my career but

When your post is ready to go live, just make sure you change the draft parameter to false