Deploying this blog to Netlify

To continue my run of being pleasantly surprised by modern tooling, I decided to try out Netlify since it appears to be all the rage these days. As with creating the blog itself, hosting it on the web was a mere 5-minutes effort and completely free (unless it turns out I’m not actually the bore I suspect I may be and this blog goes viral).

After signing up, all it took was pressing the “New site from Git” button. From there I could connect my Github account and select the repository I created for this blog. I was shocked to see that Netlify not only connected the repository but it worked out the site was built with Hugo and automatically set the build command to hugo and publish directory to public.

One really important note is that Netlify seems to fail to build unless you include a configuration file. Thankfully, Hugo provides a configuration template which worked for my deployment without modification.

The whole experience was extremely pleasant. I give Hugo and Netlify ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️